Friday, March 2, 2007

How To Cheat The Damage Meters as a Hunter

Thanks to for the info!

This is fun if your in a raiding guild, i know this works for SWstats but i dont know about others, but with SWstats people usually have it set so the hunters pet damage is merged with the hunters damage, so here's what you do.

Say your getting a lil bit low on dps meters and you dont want your guild to notice, and you notice there's always some rogue in the top 10, so what you do? Rename your pet to that rogue so youll get his dmg added to your dmg PLUS your pets damage, so you'll always be #1 on the dps meters.

Once again, i only know this works with SWstats meters, but thats what 75%+ of raid guilds us


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