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Skip Thrash/boss'es In Instances

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Why use hacks to bypass AQ40 content when it is perfectly legal to just "steal" another guilds raid-id and use it for your own guilds benefit? And guess what? It is PERFECTLY legal to do so! It does not matter if the guild you "steal" from can or cannot complete that instance, its PERFECTLY legal to take it from them and do it yourself. Heck, you can even wipe the guild that you "steal" the raid-id's from so that your guild can do it when time is beneficial to you. You can do all of this even WITHOUT asking the other guild for permission!

So why is this allowed and perfectly OK with server GM's? Apparently to Blizzard, there is no such thing as "stealing" another guilds raid-id. If another guild happens to get your BWL, AQ40, or even Naxx id it is because you "gave" it to them. They do not believe that it is possible for a guild to "steal" the raid-id from another.

Well guess what? There are ways to do so and as long as this is legal, every guild on every server should use this to their advantage. Why clear up to Nef when you can just take another guilds instance that has it already cleared? Why wall hack and go through C'thun trash when you can just take it from a guild that has already done it for you?

Now you are wondering, well Itsy, how does my guild get into this fantastic time saving and legal offer? Well Bob, these are the many ways that you too can enjoy saving your guild loads of time on trash mobs!

1) The easiest method is to put moles into guilds that you want to "borrow" raid-id's from. The mole joins a raid (willingly or through auto-invite) and voilah! You now have a perfectly nice and legal raid-id for your guild to use at your own pleasure.

2) Do a /who GuildIWantToStealFrom and find out what members are in the instance you want to "borrow" from. When those members are finished with the instance, you now have the chance to "borrow" this guilds raid id! Stand by the instance you want to "borrow" the raid-id from. Start inviting people that were in the raid to your party. If one declines, no worries, there are 39 other more that might join your party! So keep trying Eventually someone will join your party and when this happens quickly convert the party into a raid, make the person you invited into raid leader, then just ZONE IN! Voilah! A new raid-id for you to use that will save you hours of time each week!

3) If you want to "borrow" another guilds raid-id, another efficient and covert way are to run pug groups. Your chances of getting a raid-id increase with the size of the pug. So MC pugs are a great way to pick and choose ids from different guilds. But it doesn’t have to be MC as any pug group would work. Once you have the guy you want to "borrow" from, give him leader, zone into the instance you want, and once again be excited over the new raid-id you have just gained!

4) Another easy way is to abuse the kindness of people. You can easily get a BWL id by asking a person from the guild you want to "borrow" if its ok for them to use their BWL id to make flasks for their guild. Or ask someone if it’s ok for them to "borrow" their raid-id so that they can turn in their Armaments in AQ40. You’ll be surprised how many nice people (suckers) there are that will fall for this every time!


You will wonder if any of this is true, well sadly it is all true and I will prove it to you with the screenshots I have attached. Screenshots with server GM's saying that this is legal and nothing can be done about it.

You will wonder how I know all of this. Once again sadly, we were recently forced to deal with a situation against a guild with a horrible reputation, Decadence, which tried to do this to our guild and our AQ40 id. They have also done this to other guilds that are able to clear AQ40 and forcefully try to wipe guilds on C'thun attempts so that they can do it on their own time.

I honestly do not see a difference between Decadence and the guild that was recently banned for skipping AQ40 content. As a matter of fact, I find the methods used by Decadence to be viler as it infringes upon extreme harassment and affects people outside their own guild.

The reason we were able to stop Decadence from taking our C'thun kill because someone kind in their guild gave us a warning. When we foiled them from killing C'thun, they even threatened us over General Chat that they will steal our ID again and wipe us while we did the instance on the following week. Apparently this is still not grounds for harassment to the GM's.

Here are some screenshots I took from that night. Just a heads up, these screenshots are unedited and contain foul language.

This screenshot shows me ready and waiting for Decadence in front of C'thun.

This screenshot is after we wiped them trying C'thun. They were most certainly upset and you can see a few people belittling, threatening and telling us that they will "GET US" next week.

And finally this is a screenshot of the GM speaking to me telling me it’s OK to do what Decadence did to us. However, he did not like the idea of me posting this thread in the forums.

I hope the people at Blizzard put in some due diligence on this matter as there is now way of stopping it. Blizzard, if you would like more proof do contact me as I have a ton more.


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