Friday, March 2, 2007

Unlimited Hearthstone

Thanks to for the info!

This is done by using the auto unstuck feature, auto unstuck will check whether it can bump you forward , backward, left or right. It doesnt check diagonally like forward right etc, so find a spot that is impossible for you to be bumped forward , backward, left or right. so even a little corner will do, just make sure your angle is correct.

On your wow ui click on help request (the ? icon)> open a ticket > issue that a gm can assist with > stuck > auto unstuck. If it worked you will be teleported to where you have set your hearthstone.

if you fail, this means you need to change the angle you're facing a little bit, make sure there's obstacle on your front, back, left and right. thats all. The auto-unstuck feature have a 5 mins cooldown that is not displayed, so you can try again in 5 mins.


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