Friday, March 2, 2007

Sell your AH Items above normal price

Thanks to for the info!

First you must actually have an epic/blue you wish to sell (Farm Tyrs hand i know of someone who got 2 epics in 1 day there)

Put it in the AH for a higher then normal price on an alt. Advertise that you wish to sell it. e.g WTS Glowing Brightwood Staff 600g(Normally 350g on my server)

Log onto your main about 5 mins later and advertise that you want to buy the item. e.g WTB GLowing Brightwood Staff! Will pay 700g

People are so greedy they will go to the AH. Buyout your staff and /w you that they will sell you it.

Next say someone is already going too sell you one.

Bingo you sold an epic for a higher then norm price easily, quickly and in a non-scamming way.

This isnt a scam/exploit/hack but it works like a charm.

Basicly you say that youll pay(say 800 Gold) when its only 600 in AH ppl are so FREAKING greedy they will BUY ur staff which is overpriced at AH or w/e weapon it is just to make money then just say srry i already got it Ive done it alot

High End Recipes with out Scholomance (Horde) - November 28 2005

This is an exploit and works only for Horde, well I'm hoping that it does work, so someone test it plz. epvp*LOW risk (unless you use Mobius, then it becomes high) A vendor in Caer Darrow in theWestern Plaguelands named Magnus Frostwake sells some pretty killer items:
Plans: Ebon Shiv 1 1 Gold Unlimited
Plans: Huge Thorium Battleaxe 1 2 Gold Unlimited
Plans: Ornate Thorium Handaxe 1 1 Gold 60 Silver Unlimited
Plans: Storm Gauntlets 1 4 Gold Unlimited
Recipe: Major Mana Potion 1 3 Gold Unlimited
Recipe: Transmute Water to Air 1 1 Gold 50 Silver Unlimited

(1) Bind at Tauren Mill
(2) Fly to Sen'jin village, south of Orgrimmar
(3) Do the Zalazane quest
(4) Talk to the troll in Sen'jin village that gives you random voodoo enchantments
(5) Keep talking to him and getting random enchantments until you get the 5 minute buff that makes your whole screen look fuzzy (drunk effect) and you see dancing hallucinations.
(6) Hearth to Tauren Mill
(7) Run up the river to scholomance (no hostile mobs along the way that would hinder you)
(8) Find the ghost inside one of the houses in Scholomance
(9) The run from Tauren Mill -> Scholo is less than 2 minutes by 60% mount. Plenty of time to do it before buff wears off


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