Monday, April 14, 2008

[Hunter] Harass at Bashir's Landing

Thanks to for the info!

Hunter's Arcane Shot also purges 1 of the enemy's beneficial buffs right?

Well was doing the daily quest:
Maintaining the Sunwell Portal Quest: Maintaining the Sunwell Portal
Where you have to kill the ethereals until they drop
Bash'ir Phasing Device Bash'ir Phasing Device

Basically it's a 2.5% drop rate(Taking anywhere between 5-25 minutes to drop) before you can phase and start looting the 10 smuggled mana cells required for the quest.
Edit: The actual percent drop rate is a lot higher than 2.5% The data for those mobs is combined with pre 2.4 data. Thanks wktjim.

Once you drop the phasing device, you use it and it stays on you like a buff. Click it off, and you exit the phase.

Hunter's arcane shot removes this buff. On my server atleast, opposite faction are always ninjaing your cells. Just stand back behind one of the spikes in blade's edge while phased and start sniping at horde with arcane shot (and then Feign Death if you don't want to be auto targeted).

Repeat arcane shot every 10 seconds and eventually you'll dispell their phasing device, sending them back out to grind it for another ~15 minutes.