Friday, March 2, 2007

Cancel Fear for Hunter Epic Boss Quest

Thanks to for the info!

If you are a Hunter and you are on the Anchient Leaf Quest, then I have a small exploit for you for the Silithus Boss.

The Silithus Boss casts fear that does around 700dmg on you each time.

However, we can counter that!

You have a Warlock duel you while you fight the boss. He will cast "Curse of Recklessness" on you and you will be fearless! However, you still take damage.

This makes the boss EASIER!

Also, if you use a greater shadow pot, it should take care of those Fearing Damage, making you immune to the fear and the damage it causes. You will take him down less than the timer on the Recklessness Buff which is 2 mins if you continously use AIM SHOT.


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