Friday, March 2, 2007

See Indefinitely with Shaman (Unlimited Farsight)

Thanks to for the info!

You can "walk" farsight along the game and thereby see as far away as you like as well as deep into caves and even into unfinished areas of the game.

1. Make a hotkey for farsight.

2. Cast farsight into the direction you want to look as normal.

3. Hit your hotkey while still in farsight mode and before the view shifts back to normal click the targetting cusor onto the ground in the direction you wish to look.

This is a very useful trick for checking shit out in places that are a pain in the ass to get to to decide if you want to bother, such as checking to see if kazzak is up.

just make sure that you have it in your hotbar, and quickly press the button, then click a location, before the view goes back to your char.


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