Friday, March 2, 2007

WSG Roof new alliance exploit

Thanks to for the info!

New way to get onto the roof fast and easy in the allaiance wsg base.

Step 1: Head onto alliance rooftop

Step 2: Find the Urns. Look straight at it like in the picture.

Step 3: Jump on the Urn, looking straight at the wall.

Step 4: Jump, and then hit forward(W). You should land on an invisible ledge like this. Here is a side view

Step 5: Jump, and then hit forward(W). Land up on the ledge.

Now you're on the roof!. You can go all around on it, jump down on to new little un-reachable roofs, or even in the middle one. Here are more pics.

Also, while up there you are not in line of sight for casting, so not only can melee not hit you, but no one can kill you with spells.

Have fun


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