Friday, March 2, 2007

Solo Naxxramas Trash mobs for Epics 1.11

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Plague Wing
Pull is 2 slimes, 3 ghouls.

Pretty Much for Ranged fighters, but hunter is the best due to the 30 second Oh crap button. You are split up the 2 slimes and ghoul pulls to allow you to solo a slime. These slimes move incredibly slow and are super easy to kite. They have about 140k hp and take a long time to kill. You wait for gargoyle to path then tag one of the ghouls book it to the corner of the outcropping and jump on on the ledge, the jump is tricky but with a little practice its easily done. Wait for them to return and the slimes path so slow they get stuck part way and stay there. You check each ghoul to see if thye are still targeting you and if they are arent you drop down and the slime with follow you without the rest of the pack. Kite untill dead enjoy your scraps and 5% chance at an epic. I personaly have done over 80 kills and have no recieve an epic yet, i have 80 or so scraps and about 15 rune of thawing scrolls.

Here is a link to a mage video on how a mage can solo the whole pull.;5257666;;/fileinfo.html

Pictures of the ledge.

Have fun! Who knows when and if they will fix it. It takes a very long time to kill these things but if you get a epic drop its totally worth it as some of the drops are better then BWL loots.

Link to plague slimes loot table


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