Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mage Invisibily Before 66

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I was with my friend on his level 22 mage the other day in goldshire. He started to duel low level rogues for a laugh, and we found this out:

When fighting against a rogue, if, as he uses sap, blink forward, you become invisible from EVERYONES screen, and you appear, on yours, as the white ghosty outline when you have lag loading sometimes.

I havent posted screenshots because you have to get it perfectly timed for it to work, and i wouldnt be able to capture it.

1. Must be a mage
2. Must be fighting a rogue
3. When he saps, blink forward

If you start to cast a spell, or take any damage, this effect wears off.

Control Doomwalker Exploit

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Well, I came across this exploit when I was watching a horde raid try and kill Doomwalker (new world boss outside Black Temple) He was mechanical so i ran up and tried to use my Gnomish Universal Remote on him, And it worked!!! So, Controling a boss, I killed a fourty-man raid

Just a sum up, Go to Doomwalker outside the Black Temple, Use Gnomish Universal Remote, And you control a world boss for a short ammount of time, which at the end of he will most likely one-shot you...

Happy Hunting

Spawn at any Graveyard

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Easy way to spawn at any GY, in 5 easy steps.

STEP 1 - Go to anywhere where a boat takes you through a loading screen.... IE from one continent to the other. (This works from bloodmyst isle too)

STEP 2 - Get Naked.

STEP 3 - Get Yourself killed.

STEP 4 - Ghost run onto the boat (dont rez)

STEP 5 - Once you get past the loading screen, you can go to ANY graveyard and spawn there from the Spirit Guide.

Yeah ok, you get rez sickness for 10 sucks. BUT this works great at level 9 or 10 (whichever is last level without rez sickness.) Me and some friends made some trolls and orcs, got to level 4, and went ganking in Northshire abbey. It turned into a massive war.

Mage PoM Bug

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The video link is included below...

With timing/luck and lag this can be done. You must be a mage to do this, have a trinket and have iceblock. I do this on my 62 and it always works.

Have a hunter friend and /duel them. Use PoM(Presence of Mind) and trinket at the same time. Have the hunter Scatter Shot you, then iceblock. Come out of the ice block, and you should have infinite pom. This takes time to get right, as It normally takes me about 5-10 minutes to time right. Also I beleive lag help, as I am on dialup.

Hope this helps all those frost/arcane mages out there!

Link to the video of this exploit: