Wednesday, April 23, 2008

thousands of world of warcraft guides!!!

thousands of world of warcraft guides!!!

tons of great guides for world of warcraft. The best reference for leveling, grinding, gold making, zones, character classes, and more!!!

thousands of world of warcraft guides!!!

thousands of world of warcraft guides!!!

tons of great guides for world of warcraft. The best reference for leveling, grinding, gold making, zones, character classes, and more!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

[Exploit] Speaking with the opposite faction, NOT BANNABLE

Thanks to for the info!

Now, for this exploit. Unlike the rest of my exploits, this one DOES NOT give you a profit, It only allows you to talk to the opposite faction, Horde>Alliance, or visa versa. With that out of the way, proceed.

Correction : I don't know if this is bannable, I hear it is bannable now.
Therefore, dont cry to me if you get banned, I am just helpping out this community.
And everything you learn on this site can get you banned.


Okay, you can only say a few words but, its funny

Common or Gutterspeak -> Opposite Faction

Result - Common/Gutterspeak
an - pp
any - pp d
anyone - pp d a zz
bore - xxx b
borne - clear
bury - ggg d
ever - b fff
every - b fff d
everyone - b fff d a zz
eye - b d b
far - hhh
loan - ee pp
loose - ee a bb
lose - ee bb
love - ee oo
lover - ee fff
me - ss
mean - ss pp
mere - ss aa
mod - eee
mode - eee b
never - zz fff
one - a zz
over - a fff
re - aa
reverse - aa fff bb
see - bb b
severe - bb fff b
tie - jj b
time - jj ss
use - p bb
value - cc hh b
very - fff d
you - d a p
erase - b ddd b
evil - b ppp
fare - hhh b
hire - bbb b
meantime - ss pp jj ss
overtime - a fff jj ss
retire - aa jj aa
reuse - aa p bb
verse - fff bb
vile - ppp b
yeti - d b jj

If you are a Gnome, you get a wider vocab.

Gnomish > Horde

Result Gnomish
a g
ace g d q
acid g d e j
act g d b
acted g d b q j
add g j j
added g j j q j
addict g j j e d b
addicted g j j e d b q j
adhere g j abe q
adhered g j abe q j
affect g t t q d b
affected g t t q d b q j
age g a q
aged g a q j
ago g a c
aid g e j
aided g e j q j
at g b
ate g b q
attacked g b b g d ad j
buried aaz e q j
cage d g a q
cake d g ad
cat d g b
cite d e b q
cited d e b q j
coat d c g b
code d c j q
coded d c j q j
coffee d c t t q q
coke d c ad
cook d c ai
cooked d c c ad j
cookie d c ai e q
daft j g t b
data j g b g
date j g b q
dated j g b q j
datum j g b ha
dead j q g j
deaf j q g t
decade j q d g j q
decide j q d e j q
decided j q d e j q j
decode j q d c j q
decoded j q d c j q j
dedicate j q j e d g b q
dedicated j q j e d g b q j
deed j q q j
defeat j q t q g b
defeated j q t q g b q j
defect j q t q d b
detect j q b q d b
detected j q b q d b q j
dice j e d q
dictate j e d b g b q
did j e j
die j e q
died j e q j
diet j e q b
dig j e a
digit j e a e b
ditto j e b b c
do j c
dodge j c j a q
doe j c q
dog j c a
dot j c b
dotted j c b b q j
eat q g b
edge q j a q
edit q j e b
edited q j e b q j
effect q t t q d b
egg q a a
ego q a c
either q e b abe
face t g d q
faced t g d q j
fact t g d b
fake t g ad
fat t g b
fate t g b q
father t g b abe
feat t q g b
fed t q j
fee t q q
feed t q q j
feet t q q b
fit t e b
fitted t e b b q j
fog t c a
food t c c j
foot t c c b
fume t ha q
galactic abc g d ab d
gate aj b q
gather aj b abe
gathered aj b abe q j
get a q b
gift a e t b
gig a e a
go a c
goat a c g b
god a c j
good a c c j
got a c b
gum a ha
her abe
herd abe j
here abe q
heritage abe e b g a q
hero abe c
heroic abe c e d
ice e d q
id e j
idea e j q g
idiot e j e c b
idiotic e j e c ab d
if e t
it e b
more abb q
most bye b
odd c j j
of c t
off c t t
office c t t e d q
other c b abe
owe c aa
owed c aa j
rod aay
rode aay q
so ap
socket ap d ad b
sod ap j
soft ap t b
tacked b g d ad j
tactic b g d ab d
tag b g a
take b g ad
tea b q g
teacher b q g d abe
there b abe q
thereof b abe q c t
ticket ab d ad b
tidied ab j e q j
tie ab q
tied ab q j
to b c
toad b c g j
toe b c q
together b c a q b abe
too b c c
took b c ai
we aa
weather aa g b abe
wed aa j
wedded aa j j q j
wee aa q
wet aa b

[Hunter] Harass at Bashir's Landing

Thanks to for the info!

Hunter's Arcane Shot also purges 1 of the enemy's beneficial buffs right?

Well was doing the daily quest:
Maintaining the Sunwell Portal Quest: Maintaining the Sunwell Portal
Where you have to kill the ethereals until they drop
Bash'ir Phasing Device Bash'ir Phasing Device

Basically it's a 2.5% drop rate(Taking anywhere between 5-25 minutes to drop) before you can phase and start looting the 10 smuggled mana cells required for the quest.
Edit: The actual percent drop rate is a lot higher than 2.5% The data for those mobs is combined with pre 2.4 data. Thanks wktjim.

Once you drop the phasing device, you use it and it stays on you like a buff. Click it off, and you exit the phase.

Hunter's arcane shot removes this buff. On my server atleast, opposite faction are always ninjaing your cells. Just stand back behind one of the spikes in blade's edge while phased and start sniping at horde with arcane shot (and then Feign Death if you don't want to be auto targeted).

Repeat arcane shot every 10 seconds and eventually you'll dispell their phasing device, sending them back out to grind it for another ~15 minutes.

Instant spawn Darkspine [Greengill Coast]

Thanks to for info!

On Isle of Quel'danas at 59,44 there is a Darkspine Myrmidon that spawns withing 5-10 seconds of you killing it..

This has worked most of the times i've killed this mob for odd reasons SOMETIMES it doesn't happen...

Have fun ==]

Model editing exploit

Thanks to for info!

i was shooting at brutallus on the bombing quest and heres what happend.
Pic ==>¤t=WoWScrnShot_041308_130023.jpg

If u have it maxamised you can see that he said "What is this pathetic magic? How about you come back with Twenty-Four of your best friends and try again High elf!"

I didnt go photoshop it or anything, you can try it out if u dont belive me. but yeah.
pic of my druid me : )==>¤t=WoWScrnShot_041208_174815-1.jpg

Crit when you want [Shaman]

Thanks to for info!

So i was questing in Hellfire and just noticed that if you spam the [Elemental Mastery] and the [Chain Lightning] button at the same time you crit so i used this and critted all the time dident get the cooldown on the [Elemental Mastery] if your doing it right and be fast enough so good luck and have fun critting

Exploit - make extra money with bandages

Thanks to for info!

First of all you must have first aid 325+

A stack of netherweave will sell for a gold if I remember but w/e. Well,make Heavy Netherweave Bandage and it will sell for like 6g a stack more than netherweave.Another thing yes,I know it takes 2 netherweave to make heavy bandages.

Spell Damage in Ilse of Quel

Thanks to for info!

- At Isle of Quel'Danas ( the implemented zone at 2.4 ) there are mobs called Dawnblade Summoner's wandering around. They have a buff similar to warlocks Fel Armor, but with 225 +spelldmg instead of the regular 100. So, spellsteal and we're done.

- In the new instance Magister's Terrace, you can spellsteal Seal of wrath (or something like that) from the bloodknights, 1.2k holy dmg after each spell...

Summon Exploit - Netherstorm

Thanks to for info!

his is a simple exploit for you beginning outlanders

Since the changes to Warlock summons you are now able to summon players into instances without having to go outside.

What is interesting about this is if your still a newbie 68-70 with no flying mount you can use a warlock to summon you into any of the three instances (Arch/Mech/Bot). The summons will go through even though you are not allowed to summon in Netherstorm. Course to leave the instance you either hearth or get your buddies to summon you down from the stone.

Neat little bypass for those who wish to get in there at an early start, this works for both normal and heroic, only thing you need is a willing lock.

Use Flying mount within Azeroth

Thanks to for info!

Requirments: Flying Mount, Internet friends, Warlock

1. Get ur character to use the flying mount anywhere in outland
2. Get ur Friends to a 'Unkown' place in azeroth
3. Make a portal and summon him
4. Voila U can fly within azeroth, and within the unkown area's!

1. Whats a Unknown area? - Exploit area's, Like terrain that isn't finnished.
2. So I can fly everywhere? - No, If u stick within the unkown area's u can, but entering 1, is auto dismount