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Unlimited Hearthstone

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This is done by using the auto unstuck feature, auto unstuck will check whether it can bump you forward , backward, left or right. It doesnt check diagonally like forward right etc, so find a spot that is impossible for you to be bumped forward , backward, left or right. so even a little corner will do, just make sure your angle is correct.

On your wow ui click on help request (the ? icon)> open a ticket > issue that a gm can assist with > stuck > auto unstuck. If it worked you will be teleported to where you have set your hearthstone.

if you fail, this means you need to change the angle you're facing a little bit, make sure there's obstacle on your front, back, left and right. thats all. The auto-unstuck feature have a 5 mins cooldown that is not displayed, so you can try again in 5 mins.

Store more than one Librams and other 'unique' items

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When items are in your mailbox, the game doesnt consider you as actually having it. Eg you can only hold 1 Libram of the same kind at any one time becuase its a unique item. Simply place it in your mailbox by placing it in AH and canceling it. Now you will be able to hold more than one. works with all unique.

Tip: when farming always leave your libram in your mailbox, you never know when you will find another one of the same kind and you wont be able to pick it up because you already have one. Leaving it in the bank doesnt work! It happened to me once, I couldnt pick up another libram of resilience because i didnt have it in my mailbox! that like losing 200g!!

Unlimited Inventory Space

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Your Mailbox can be used to store inventory items, to place item in your mailbox simply put it in the Auction House and cancel auction straight away. Item will be placed in mailbox for 29days.
Dont forget to grab the item and redo the process again after 29days or else it will expired.

ps. make sure you use the 2hour auction so it doesnt cost you too much deposit

Talk in Multiple Cities at once

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1. Right click the General Tab.
2. Join New Channel => Join New Channel
3. Type "Trade - Ironforge"

To join a Looking for group channel you type: LookingForGroup - Zone Here
To join a Trade channel type: Trade - Major City Here
To join the General chat type: General - Zone here

Easy Warrior Weapon Skillups

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The trick is, find an undead skeleton-type or ghost-type that's immune to Rend. Charge them, and continuously rend. It will be immune, but it will still count as a swing, you will still level up the skill, but you will keep your rage because the mob is immune. Therefore allowing you to do it an infinite number of times, until your weapon skill is max.

WoW Priest Epic Weapon Bugged. (Anathema / Benediction)

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During 1.8 patch you can transform without loosing your enchant. However there is a 30minutes cooldown.
How to fix this?
Zone in or out of a instance, your cooldown will be reset..
Also works on zoning world wide.(boat, zepplin)

Always have 100 rage while defending farm in AB

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In the farm area its always infested with rats, you can kill these rats non stop and the next one will spawn instantly, giving warriors a big 100 rage advantage when an enemy attacks the farm

PVP Rogue Find Stealthed Players Easy

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So your looking at that flag and it looks good to grab only a druid Guarding it. Sap the druid and your getiing chained stunned by 2 rogues. Not good.

It is simple to prevent this. Use Distract. Open your combat window and take a look you will be told who was hit by the distract, Even if resisted it will still tell you who was in the area of the distract.

This will not unstealth anyone that is invis or stealthed but at least you know they are there.

By watching the ring closely you can tell where they are as well by the little graphic that happens over their head. This graphic also appears in centre of the ring even if no one is there

Sell your AH Items above normal price

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First you must actually have an epic/blue you wish to sell (Farm Tyrs hand i know of someone who got 2 epics in 1 day there)

Put it in the AH for a higher then normal price on an alt. Advertise that you wish to sell it. e.g WTS Glowing Brightwood Staff 600g(Normally 350g on my server)

Log onto your main about 5 mins later and advertise that you want to buy the item. e.g WTB GLowing Brightwood Staff! Will pay 700g

People are so greedy they will go to the AH. Buyout your staff and /w you that they will sell you it.

Next say someone is already going too sell you one.

Bingo you sold an epic for a higher then norm price easily, quickly and in a non-scamming way.

This isnt a scam/exploit/hack but it works like a charm.

Basicly you say that youll pay(say 800 Gold) when its only 600 in AH ppl are so FREAKING greedy they will BUY ur staff which is overpriced at AH or w/e weapon it is just to make money then just say srry i already got it Ive done it alot

High End Recipes with out Scholomance (Horde) - November 28 2005

This is an exploit and works only for Horde, well I'm hoping that it does work, so someone test it plz. epvp*LOW risk (unless you use Mobius, then it becomes high) A vendor in Caer Darrow in theWestern Plaguelands named Magnus Frostwake sells some pretty killer items:
Plans: Ebon Shiv 1 1 Gold Unlimited
Plans: Huge Thorium Battleaxe 1 2 Gold Unlimited
Plans: Ornate Thorium Handaxe 1 1 Gold 60 Silver Unlimited
Plans: Storm Gauntlets 1 4 Gold Unlimited
Recipe: Major Mana Potion 1 3 Gold Unlimited
Recipe: Transmute Water to Air 1 1 Gold 50 Silver Unlimited

(1) Bind at Tauren Mill
(2) Fly to Sen'jin village, south of Orgrimmar
(3) Do the Zalazane quest
(4) Talk to the troll in Sen'jin village that gives you random voodoo enchantments
(5) Keep talking to him and getting random enchantments until you get the 5 minute buff that makes your whole screen look fuzzy (drunk effect) and you see dancing hallucinations.
(6) Hearth to Tauren Mill
(7) Run up the river to scholomance (no hostile mobs along the way that would hinder you)
(8) Find the ghost inside one of the houses in Scholomance
(9) The run from Tauren Mill -> Scholo is less than 2 minutes by 60% mount. Plenty of time to do it before buff wears off

See Mob Weapon Drops Before they are Killed

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This bug is located at the Alter of Storms (and possibly other places) in the Blasted Lands. The mobs walking around there tend to have a bug with weapon drops. If the mob is going to drop a weapon or offhand, you will see them carrying it around instead of their normal default staff, sword, etc.

This is very useful to scan around for epic drops, seeing as the Krol Blade and Glowing Brightwood Staff have the potential of dropping here! Thus, you can run around scanning the mobs, and if one is holding a Glowing Brightwood instead of their boring staff or sword, you are guaranteed the staff when you kill it!

This also proves that loot is pre-determined when the mob is spawned, instead of allocated once there is a corpse.

Priests Speak with the other faction!

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Mind control an opposing faction member & type in emotes.

As in, /e you !@#$%^&*.

MCing allows you to do so.

Drop your Enemies Through Bridges in AB

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In Arathi Basin, theres bridges that lead to Stables and Blacksmith, if you see a bunch of people coming, and wanna pick out one to kill yourself, just sit by the bridge stealthed, and when they all come over the bridge BLIND the person you want to have fall through the bridge, once you blind them they will slowly fall through the brdige and go in the water, where you can jump down and kill them.

note: this also works with fear

See Indefinitely with Shaman (Unlimited Farsight)

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You can "walk" farsight along the game and thereby see as far away as you like as well as deep into caves and even into unfinished areas of the game.

1. Make a hotkey for farsight.

2. Cast farsight into the direction you want to look as normal.

3. Hit your hotkey while still in farsight mode and before the view shifts back to normal click the targetting cusor onto the ground in the direction you wish to look.

This is a very useful trick for checking shit out in places that are a pain in the ass to get to to decide if you want to bother, such as checking to see if kazzak is up.

just make sure that you have it in your hotbar, and quickly press the button, then click a location, before the view goes back to your char.

Play WOW for FREE! the ultimate exploit

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I have been debating to myself if i should put this up or not because im 100% if bliz knows alot of ppl are using this they will fix it imideatly... oh and sorry for my spelling in advance lol.

anyway i decided to post this because its just a game lol lets let every one have fun =P hmmm i think that it for the intro lol errrmmm oh and one more warning for the #1st case users (you will read what that means later) when this is patched blizz wont say anything to anyone we will just find out... so if you have $16 on your account andd need it for somthing else i wont risk using it on this because there is always a chance you migh get billed after they patch it i guess but again that my opinion...

Have you ever needed to login to WoW and your account was expired and your wer like OMFG WTF?!? Fear no more! **cough* imune to fear *cough** rofl well... there are two cases to this...

1. If you have money on your debit/credit card but dont want to use it.
2. If you DONT have any money on your credit/debit card.

Lets start with case #1 shall we? Yeah well anyway. Lets say you have money on your card. This will let you actually play a longer period of time without paying. This is what you do. Ill just tell you how to do it so it works then ill explane why and how it works.

1. Login to and go to account management.
2. Go to the payment page.
3. Enter you card info and pay for 1 month subscription.
4. And press update and what ever so it basically says "Congardulation, you have activated your account and are ready for playing" or somthing like that.
5. Okay... now login to the game. And log in to your main character, it can be any actually....
6. now after your in the game, alt tab out. Its very important you AltTab out and not close the game.
7. Go back to the account management page then go to yout subscription plan page again.
8. Now cancel your subscription! (You are still logged in with your character in the game)
9. Boom now you play for free until you log out! You will not be billed! Wootness! i win! lol...

But remember if you log out you will not be able to log back in again.... So be careful not to get any DCs hehe =P

Okay now the unknown side of this. Im not sure how man times you can do this in a row, I dont recomend you do this more than two times within 24 hours, 36 hours would be better in my opininon because the billing system works on every 12 or 6 hours if im not mistaking. But im sure you can do this at least 2 times in a row because it has been tested. You can do this as must as you want on other accounts as in... You can do it for your account... Then at the same time do it for your friends account, and vise versa the next day. so your cards would be in use 48 hours each. Again i dont recomend you use this methot on a regular basis... Because i do not know the what the consiquenses can be, even thogh i dont think they can be major consiquenses because you can always say, i wanted to play then i decided not to lol... so i took my card out...
If you do not remove your card within 6-24 hours you will be billed. I am not 100% on the (6-24 hours) but im pretty confident.

How this works---

Well i know some imformation about banking and credit card billing and stuff. This is how it works. When you put in your infor for bliz to bill your account, it does not the cash out of your debit card instantly, it takes some time to process the order. So while its processing it you CAN use your account. And when you cancel your account bilzzard forgot to add a script that checks to see if your online in the game in order to kick you out. And when you cancel the plan, it does not bill you because bilzz cancels your order and refunds your money. (When i say refunds your money it doesnt mean it has takin out money to refund it, it has takin out shall i say virtual money that has not actually been taken out)

Okay... now to do the same if you do not have any money in your debit/credit card account.
From what i know this will only work once for a 24 hour period until the bank trys to pay blizz the amount you owe them (remember the processing time) and that takes about 24 hours or so. So blizzard doesnt know that you dont have enough money to pay them and it takes some time for them to find that out. So it will let you play for 24 hours until it finds out that you dont have enough money to pay them. The second time you try this without paying your card is shall i say flagged and wont let you play that free 24 hours on the same account until you pay the 1 month fee and so on. You can do this on your friends accounts tho. Anyway....... im going to much into this again... Basically you do this same thing from steps 1-5 i thinkl.

1. Login to and go to account management.
2. Go to the payment page.
3. Enter you card info and pay for 1 month subscription.
4. And press update and what ever so it basically says "Congardulation, you have activated your account and are ready for playing" or somthing like that.
5. Okay... now login to the game. And log in to your main character, it can be any actually....

there you have it. Some of my friends have told me the second method somtimes doesnt work or somthing but im 100% sure on the first methos and it works 100%...

Remember you are not lying or cheating blizzard in any way on this. You just decided to play for a month then change your mind and forget to logout =P something from the lines of that hehe.

Check if Opposing Faction Player is Online

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/ignore XXXX

XXXX is the name of the opposing faction
If he is online the ignore goes through
If not you will get 'player not found' error.

Change Your Character's Name During Realm Transfer

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This is old but should have it here for the people that dont know. If the character name already exist in the realm that you wish to transfer, you will be given the option to select a new name. So simply create a new character with your current name on the realm before you start the transfer.

Repair Exploit for Warlocks

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Basically this is using hellfire to get out of dura loss. When raid is about to wipe just lifetap down to low health and hellfire to death. This is prevent any dura loss. Useful when learning instances such as naxx.

Solo Naxxramas Trash mobs for Epics 1.11

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Plague Wing
Pull is 2 slimes, 3 ghouls.

Pretty Much for Ranged fighters, but hunter is the best due to the 30 second Oh crap button. You are split up the 2 slimes and ghoul pulls to allow you to solo a slime. These slimes move incredibly slow and are super easy to kite. They have about 140k hp and take a long time to kill. You wait for gargoyle to path then tag one of the ghouls book it to the corner of the outcropping and jump on on the ledge, the jump is tricky but with a little practice its easily done. Wait for them to return and the slimes path so slow they get stuck part way and stay there. You check each ghoul to see if thye are still targeting you and if they are arent you drop down and the slime with follow you without the rest of the pack. Kite untill dead enjoy your scraps and 5% chance at an epic. I personaly have done over 80 kills and have no recieve an epic yet, i have 80 or so scraps and about 15 rune of thawing scrolls.

Here is a link to a mage video on how a mage can solo the whole pull.;5257666;;/fileinfo.html

Pictures of the ledge.

Have fun! Who knows when and if they will fix it. It takes a very long time to kill these things but if you get a epic drop its totally worth it as some of the drops are better then BWL loots.

Link to plague slimes loot table

Reset an Instance while still Inside WoW 1.11

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This is a quite useful technique for grinding loot from a boss thats far in an instance. All you need is a warlock, and of course your raid party.

Step 1:Have one person die and get outside of the instance (should be the party leader)
Step 2:As soon as he's outside have all of the other players pull their ehternet cords, or turn of their internet connection.
Step 3:Have the party leader go inside, and then back outside of the instance.
Step 4:Have the party leader reset the instance.
Step 5:Have everyone log back in, and summon the party leader with the warlock.
Step 6:Grind to your hearts content

Get 2 Demons for Warlock

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1. To go Felwood
2. Enslave a demon (Jadefire Trickster)
3. Have demon attack another demon and keep aggro
4. Sooner or later Trickster will enslave demon and you'll get 2 demons.
5. You'll still have demon after riding a griffon, but the only way you lose it is from the loading screen. (e.g after riding boat or WSG)

WSG Roof new alliance exploit

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New way to get onto the roof fast and easy in the allaiance wsg base.

Step 1: Head onto alliance rooftop

Step 2: Find the Urns. Look straight at it like in the picture.

Step 3: Jump on the Urn, looking straight at the wall.

Step 4: Jump, and then hit forward(W). You should land on an invisible ledge like this. Here is a side view

Step 5: Jump, and then hit forward(W). Land up on the ledge.

Now you're on the roof!. You can go all around on it, jump down on to new little un-reachable roofs, or even in the middle one. Here are more pics.

Also, while up there you are not in line of sight for casting, so not only can melee not hit you, but no one can kill you with spells.

Have fun

Changing Undead Shoulder Size

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Some of you know that Undead shoulders used to be much larger at release, and at one point were changed to a much smaller size.

If you're like me, you want the old shoulders. Here's how:

1. Download this rar file, which contains an Undead model file (ScourgeMale.m2) :

2. Unzip the folders + model file as is, into your World of Warcraft\Data\ folder. The result should look like - World of Warcraft\Data\Character\Scourge\Male\ScourgeMale.m 2

Simple as that. There is one caveat though, the animation for the Cannibalize ability will now be a /kneel animation. It's a small price to pay for bigger shoulders.

Mount in Moonkin Form

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Yes, yes, we all know moonkin is sexy. You need:

A. Moonkin Form (Duh)
B. Hallow's Eve Candy

PRETTY SIMPLE, BUT, go moonkin, eat the candy till you get pirate, then mount with moonkin. Grats, you look awsome.

***Note: Works with the undead type costume too from the pumpkin candy.

Easy Ossirian Kill Part 2

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Well, we all know the ossirian fight is a bitch.
You need to kite em around the huge room and open crystals every 45 seconds yada yada yada


If you have 2-3 people standing on the outer edge of the room clicking far off crystals..

New crystals are forced to respawn in the middle.

So. no kiting = no technique needed = easy dps fight

Easy Ossirian Kill Part 2

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Well, we all know the ossirian fight is a bitch.
You need to kite em around the huge room and open crystals every 45 seconds yada yada yada


If you have 2-3 people standing on the outer edge of the room clicking far off crystals..

New crystals are forced to respawn in the middle.

So. no kiting = no technique needed = easy dps fight

Permanent Badge Swarmguard effect with no slot

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How does keeping the full effect of Badge of the Swarmguard until death sound - without it even taking a trinket slot?

Take advantage of this before they fix it.

All you have to do is go into any instance (say a low level one like stockade) with a pair of grey weapons, hit the mobs at entrance until you have 6 charges. Wait until the buff timer counts down to 0 and exit the instance at exactly same time. It may take a few tries, but once you done it a few times it becomes extremely easy. Have fun with the permanent badge of the swarmguard effect! Feel free to swap it out for another trinket and still enjoy the same effect. Sadly, this is the only trinket that can be abused this way.

Food dupe for hunter in WoW

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When going to feed your pet whatever the type maybe instead of individually choosing the food with the skill 'feed pet' then shift click on the food inwhich you want to feed the pet. You then need to choose the food lets say 20 steaks you put the number 20 and click ok you will then need to drag the food and click on the pet with the food it will feed the pet a total of 20 steaks but it will of only cost you 1 steak. This is extremely useful if your pet is in the red and needs to get back to a green status

Cancel Fear for Hunter Epic Boss Quest

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If you are a Hunter and you are on the Anchient Leaf Quest, then I have a small exploit for you for the Silithus Boss.

The Silithus Boss casts fear that does around 700dmg on you each time.

However, we can counter that!

You have a Warlock duel you while you fight the boss. He will cast "Curse of Recklessness" on you and you will be fearless! However, you still take damage.

This makes the boss EASIER!

Also, if you use a greater shadow pot, it should take care of those Fearing Damage, making you immune to the fear and the damage it causes. You will take him down less than the timer on the Recklessness Buff which is 2 mins if you continously use AIM SHOT.

Skip Thrash/boss'es In Instances

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Why use hacks to bypass AQ40 content when it is perfectly legal to just "steal" another guilds raid-id and use it for your own guilds benefit? And guess what? It is PERFECTLY legal to do so! It does not matter if the guild you "steal" from can or cannot complete that instance, its PERFECTLY legal to take it from them and do it yourself. Heck, you can even wipe the guild that you "steal" the raid-id's from so that your guild can do it when time is beneficial to you. You can do all of this even WITHOUT asking the other guild for permission!

So why is this allowed and perfectly OK with server GM's? Apparently to Blizzard, there is no such thing as "stealing" another guilds raid-id. If another guild happens to get your BWL, AQ40, or even Naxx id it is because you "gave" it to them. They do not believe that it is possible for a guild to "steal" the raid-id from another.

Well guess what? There are ways to do so and as long as this is legal, every guild on every server should use this to their advantage. Why clear up to Nef when you can just take another guilds instance that has it already cleared? Why wall hack and go through C'thun trash when you can just take it from a guild that has already done it for you?

Now you are wondering, well Itsy, how does my guild get into this fantastic time saving and legal offer? Well Bob, these are the many ways that you too can enjoy saving your guild loads of time on trash mobs!

1) The easiest method is to put moles into guilds that you want to "borrow" raid-id's from. The mole joins a raid (willingly or through auto-invite) and voilah! You now have a perfectly nice and legal raid-id for your guild to use at your own pleasure.

2) Do a /who GuildIWantToStealFrom and find out what members are in the instance you want to "borrow" from. When those members are finished with the instance, you now have the chance to "borrow" this guilds raid id! Stand by the instance you want to "borrow" the raid-id from. Start inviting people that were in the raid to your party. If one declines, no worries, there are 39 other more that might join your party! So keep trying Eventually someone will join your party and when this happens quickly convert the party into a raid, make the person you invited into raid leader, then just ZONE IN! Voilah! A new raid-id for you to use that will save you hours of time each week!

3) If you want to "borrow" another guilds raid-id, another efficient and covert way are to run pug groups. Your chances of getting a raid-id increase with the size of the pug. So MC pugs are a great way to pick and choose ids from different guilds. But it doesn’t have to be MC as any pug group would work. Once you have the guy you want to "borrow" from, give him leader, zone into the instance you want, and once again be excited over the new raid-id you have just gained!

4) Another easy way is to abuse the kindness of people. You can easily get a BWL id by asking a person from the guild you want to "borrow" if its ok for them to use their BWL id to make flasks for their guild. Or ask someone if it’s ok for them to "borrow" their raid-id so that they can turn in their Armaments in AQ40. You’ll be surprised how many nice people (suckers) there are that will fall for this every time!


You will wonder if any of this is true, well sadly it is all true and I will prove it to you with the screenshots I have attached. Screenshots with server GM's saying that this is legal and nothing can be done about it.

You will wonder how I know all of this. Once again sadly, we were recently forced to deal with a situation against a guild with a horrible reputation, Decadence, which tried to do this to our guild and our AQ40 id. They have also done this to other guilds that are able to clear AQ40 and forcefully try to wipe guilds on C'thun attempts so that they can do it on their own time.

I honestly do not see a difference between Decadence and the guild that was recently banned for skipping AQ40 content. As a matter of fact, I find the methods used by Decadence to be viler as it infringes upon extreme harassment and affects people outside their own guild.

The reason we were able to stop Decadence from taking our C'thun kill because someone kind in their guild gave us a warning. When we foiled them from killing C'thun, they even threatened us over General Chat that they will steal our ID again and wipe us while we did the instance on the following week. Apparently this is still not grounds for harassment to the GM's.

Here are some screenshots I took from that night. Just a heads up, these screenshots are unedited and contain foul language.

This screenshot shows me ready and waiting for Decadence in front of C'thun.

This screenshot is after we wiped them trying C'thun. They were most certainly upset and you can see a few people belittling, threatening and telling us that they will "GET US" next week.

And finally this is a screenshot of the GM speaking to me telling me it’s OK to do what Decadence did to us. However, he did not like the idea of me posting this thread in the forums.

I hope the people at Blizzard put in some due diligence on this matter as there is now way of stopping it. Blizzard, if you would like more proof do contact me as I have a ton more.

Unlimited Earthen Shield

Thanks to for the info!

1) Get in a raid group (It can be at max 15 people)
2) Have your group queue for AB or WSG.
3) Right after the queue message appears pick one player and earthen sheild them.
4) Repeate for your whole party.

Note: You can also log out to give the buff again to a fellow group members

Permanent Second Wind Exploit

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1) Play as a warrior
2) Get in a party with someone
3) Have them throw a snowball at you.
4) The second wind talent procs.

Cast Spells As A Treeform Druid (For Nefarion Fight)

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1) Play as a druid.
2) Turn into cat mode.
3) Have it so nef calls you.
4) After being called you will be in treeform
5) You can still cast any spell

AV Dun Baldar 2.0.1 Wall Jumping

Thanks to for the info!

Usefull for horde in AV, watch the video

Queue A Whole Raid For The Same AV

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This is a good way to get easy wins in AV. Get a raid of 40 people (guild, w/e) and have the raid leader talk to the AV battlemaster and with the chat window open he types out : /script JoinBattlefield(0,1);

The whole raid will be queued at the same time and most will get in the same AV. The rest who didnt just queue up for whichever number AV the majority got in. We have a mage open a port to OG and tell people to help summon to get scrubs out and raid members in.

Queue A Whole Raid For The Same AV

Thanks to for the info!

This is a good way to get easy wins in AV. Get a raid of 40 people (guild, w/e) and have the raid leader talk to the AV battlemaster and with the chat window open he types out : /script JoinBattlefield(0,1);

The whole raid will be queued at the same time and most will get in the same AV. The rest who didnt just queue up for whichever number AV the majority got in. We have a mage open a port to OG and tell people to help summon to get scrubs out and raid members in.

How To Cheat The Damage Meters as a Hunter

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This is fun if your in a raiding guild, i know this works for SWstats but i dont know about others, but with SWstats people usually have it set so the hunters pet damage is merged with the hunters damage, so here's what you do.

Say your getting a lil bit low on dps meters and you dont want your guild to notice, and you notice there's always some rogue in the top 10, so what you do? Rename your pet to that rogue so youll get his dmg added to your dmg PLUS your pets damage, so you'll always be #1 on the dps meters.

Once again, i only know this works with SWstats meters, but thats what 75%+ of raid guilds us

No More Deserter Debuff

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There's 2 ways of doing this.

1. Ask your friend to queue you out of BG by inviting you to a group and Join as Group to a Skirmish 2v2 arena. Once joined right click on the top right icon and select leave arena and you wont have the deserter debuff becuase arena are worth 0 honor and doesnt count as a BG.

2. To do this solo simply hit ALT-F4 to close your game and wait at least 5mins before relogin and you will appear by the battlemaster without the deserter debuff.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Eagle Eye Exploitin Westfall

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I found this out while i was fishing , you can Eagle Eye from Westfall Beach into Stormwind.

Now it's easiest to stand here.

Now hit Eagle Eye and aim it between the "V" in the mountains, left click, then you're in SW.

And this is what you get.